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Three Steps For The Audience

Audience members can make reservations for your event in seconds.

Reserve Your Spot

Reserve your spot for a small fee. You only set up your account once. No downloads required.

Show Up!

Enjoy the gig, shop, chat with fellow attendees. All from your device.

Pay What It's Worth Afterwards

Afterwards, you get a text or email asking you how much you want to pay. Enter your desired amount to show your love!

Three Steps For Creators

Works seamlessly with your favorite streaming service.

Build Your Event

No more Zoom fatigue - use immersive venues to make your online events more lucrative, memorable and interactive.

Share Your Event

You'll have a branded shareable page in minutes with tools to maximize audience attendance, retention and revenue.

Reach New Audiences

Works seamlessly with streaming platforms to maximize your reach. Monetize your events when the value to your audience is highest - afterwards.

Here's how it started

The actor who learned to code...

  • Fall, 2016

    Ask the audience

    Actor and web developer Kahlil Ashanti wanted to perform his new show, called Razor - but he wasn't sure how to decide the ticket price. He asked the audience to drop money in an empty trash can as they left. He made more money than had he charged $20 per person. Clearly people valued the show more afterwards, but they still needed a way to reserve a spot. He also wanted to thank them for their generosity, but he didn't know who gave what. There were no existing solutions for this, and it gave him an idea. Why not build something online that makes it easier for audiences to do all this in one place? So many artists were building new shows. Why not help them build new audiences? So he started coding.

  • June 2018

    Long nights

    Months and months of late night coding. Self doubt. Giving up. Tiny victories. Complete confusion. Stack Overflow. Trying again. And again. The first prototype was finally ready. Kahlil rented a theater for two nights and tested the app. People could go to his website or the theater website, reserve a spot with their credit card for $5, and pay whatever they wanted after the gig. Not only did the app actually work 😅, the average payment per booking was $53!

  • September 2018


    As Kahlil prepared to tour his new show, word spread about his app and requests from artists and theaters around the world poured in. Kahlil wasn't expecting anyone else to want to use it, but clearly there was a need. He raised money, hired a senior developer, and proceeded to build the 'enterprise' version.

  • 2019-now

    We are live!

    Used by artists and festivals for online events around the world. The journey has just begun, and the rest is up to you. Thanks for your support!

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Core Team

Kahlil Ashanti

Kahlil Ashanti

Founder and CEO

Erich Jungwirth

Dr. Kenneth Chau, Ph.D.

VP Product Research and Development

Associate Professor, UBC Okanagan

Nelson Lee

Tam Kbeili

Chief Software Architect

Praveen Varshney

Vincent Loi

Lead Design Architect

Ph.D. Candidate, UBC Okanagan

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